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Langwith Garden Village

Langwith Garden Village

Langwith Development Partnership

The Landscape Agency is leading a design team with Andy Cameron and David Hill to create a new garden village to the east of York. At up to 5,000 homes and with strong links with York City Centre, Langwith would be of a scale that could deliver shops, schools, parks, wildlife areas, housing for all ages, reliable public transport and ‘walkable neighbourhoods’ with a focus on walking and cycling and less reliance on the car.

The Town and County Planning Association states that new Garden Towns and Villages provide the economies of scale to ‘innovate and create truly high quality places’. Langwith would adhere to these principles in becoming a popular place to live, work and play.


The Landscape Agency
Stanley Harrison House
The Chocolate Works
Bishopthorpe Road
York, YO23 1DE


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